Capital Management

Parah offers customized wealth management services via "separate accounts", in which every client's assets are in a separate account and managed to achieve the client's own objective.

Parah will design, implement and monitor investment portfolios for clients, taking full responsibility for the overall investment program.

Minimum Investment

Due to the labor-intensive nature of the Separate Account approach, Parah Capital has a minimum investment amount of $500,000 in order to make our low 1.25% annual management fee economically viable. The 1.25% annual management fee is equivalent to $6,250 and is paid on a quarterly basis.

We will consider accepting accounts under $500,000 on a case-by-case basis; with a minimum charge of $4,000 per year.

The Investment Cycle

Every client enjoys the benefits of our personalized and objective advice based on years of experience working with individuals and families:

  • Independence: We offer unbiased investment advice tailored to your specific goals.
  • Knowledge: Our investment decisions are based on years of market experience.
  • Integrity: We are on the same side of the table as our clients, and always put your interests first.
  • Cost efficiency: We minimize investment cost, which adds to your investment return.


富德資金管理公司與遠東國民銀行達成協議 , 自2009年11月起為原遠東國民銀行投資理財部的顧客 , 提供投資理財服務 .

富德資金管理公司 Parah Capital Management, LLC 總部設于加州矽谷重鎮山景城 , 投資使命出發點有三: 高度道德化 , 透明化及有效化 , 達到尊貴顧客的致富理念 , 富德資金管理公司在業界有極高的評價.

我們的目標是讓您在非常簡便之下轉換服務 , 為不中斷任何服務 , 原遠東國民銀行投資理財部工作夥伴也將在富德資金管理公司繼續為您服務 .

我們相信新的平台將會令服務質素更為完善. 另外聯絡方式也將不變 , 而轉戶過程中, 您的個人資料將會符合證交所的嚴格要求.保持絕對保密, .

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